IHOFX | Trading


IHOFX Trade is a newly established electronic platform that facilitates the completion of agreements by allowing traders to send applications directly from their workstations. The system can be used to trade securities, repurchase contracts, options, and futures contracts in a simultaneous double auction with automated application acknowledgment. The framework also requires securities to be placed in a unilateral auction mode. The theory of "delivery against charge" governs the settlement of securities transactions.

This electronic system is specifically designed for trading with remote trader terminals connecting to the system servers via the Internet, and it can handle an almost infinite number of trading terminals.



IHOFX has a wide variety of practical solutions for commodity market entry, including the use of cutting-edge technology and the availability of reliable and safe electronic trading facilities.


Network Connectivity

Remote access to the IHOFX system is a direct connection to the IHOFX facility with optimized latency through registered Network Service Providers, global financial networks, specialized networks, IHOFX Global points of presence, or over the internet.


Co-location in the Exchange Facility

Co-location in the IHOFX data centers, which are in close proximity to the IHOFX Trading Systems, provides dependable and safe ultra-low latency market access.


Direct Memory Access (DMA) interfaces

Use IHOFX native API or standard (FIX/FAST) interfaces to securely organize order messaging and market data flow.


Test Environment

Using standard or personalized setup, our customer development platform is completely available for client product testing, development, and certification.


Dedicated Access Servers

To boost performance between the client and the exchange, a dedicated access server in the client network acts as a transactional hub between the client front end system and the IHOFX trading system.


Exchange Terminals

These are proprietary client software solutions specifically designed for the markets and fully supporting IHOFX Electronic Trading and Clearing System functionality.


Specialized Services

Specialized applied services and validation center services allow the secure use of electronic records when completing purchases or conducting other legally permissible acts.