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Our trading system is used by traders from all over the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. Our high-quality products, IHOFX Trader and IHOFX (OTC) provide efficient solutions to all of our clients and our partners.

In addition to the trading system, IHOFX also provides:

  • Post-trade downstream processes, such as real-time trade monitoring, index estimation, and real time data distribution
  • OTC trade reporting obligations and order or quote reporting

The overarching aim of the strategy devised by IHOFX is to formulate and implement a comprehensive development programme, which will result in increasing its role in Korean commodity markets.

  • A multilateral trading facility for individual investors
  • A private placement platform for enterprises

Having a highly developed commodity exchange is a precondition for any competitive, innovative economy. A well-functioning commodity exchange encourages investment in futures and options.

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The IHOFX runs a trading infrastructure as well as downstream networks in its capacity as an IT service provider:

  • Index factory
  • Data distribution system
  • Market surveillance system


IT Services

IHOFX Trading System as an Official Service Provider (OSP) offers:

  • The physical connectivity to the trading system
  • The connectivity to the trading system through a FIX-based interface and a cutting-edge front-end solution
  • The IHOFX infrastructure's service and maintenance
  • The trading system reports via SFTP or HTML offered as Report Server
  • Enriched Reference Data can be downloaded via FTP or HTML
  • Service Transaction Billing
  • Service Transaction Reporting


Trade Reporting

In the Open Trade Reporting Service (OTR), the Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trade Reporting and the timely publication of trades is implemented.

Data Magistral (DM) Data Distribution involves:

  • Physical connectivity to the data distribution hub DM of the IHOFX
  • Market data and indices from many cooperation exchanges are also available via DM in addition to the IHOFX's market data and indices.


Technical Connection

Several options are available for the physical connection to the IHOFX trading system.

A direct or indirect technical connection depends on whether the trading participant is physically connected to the trading system, either directly or indirectly – via an Official Service Provider (OSP). The conditions for the technical connection are specified in the Core Connectivity Contract (CCC), which is the technical connectivity contract of IHOFX entered into by the trading participants, OSPs and the IHOFX as the service provider of the technical connectivity to the trading system.