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IHOFX offers a wide range of commodities trading, allowing physical or digital purchases and sales of raw or primary commodities.


Options & Futures

IHOFX offers access to a robust selection of options contracts, providing you with the necessary resources to hedge your portfolio, whether you are trying to lower risk or increase returns. We are excited to launch a new derivatives product suite that will give you more leverage over your investment strategies.

FX Trading and Clearing at IHOFX

Economic and regulatory factors are modifying the global FX environment, influencing the trade cycles: pre-trade, execution, and post-trade. FX market investors in all jurisdictions cope with getting access to liquidity in order to meet their trading needs, as well as ensuring that their business structures remain competitive along with the regulations coming into effect.

IHOFX is introducing a range of foreign exchange products and services that our clients can use to develop and strengthen their own FX business models, allowing them to succeed in the emerging FX environment.

We are able to operate in the jurisdiction that is best matching your business, due to a wide set of FX products and services, distinguished offerings for FX trading and clearing, and global cross-market expertise in risk management and FX business monitoring.



Cryptocurrencies have proven to be a fast-growing asset class in recent years, and offered significant rewards for those who decided to get involved in the market. Both long-term investors and day traders can profit from the exclusive opportunities presented by this promising market. IHOFX has developed a secure and technologically advanced platform for cryptocurrency investors and traders who are looking to use the most innovative trading techniques and technologies, as well as the collective knowledge of the industry in order to maximize their profits in the cryptocurrency markets.

IHOFX is going to shake the investment management business and become one of the leading players on the cryptocurrency market by providing the most comprehensive infrastructure for buyers and traders, due to its innovative platform that works differently from existing traditional investing structures. Investors can effectively analyze a range of trading models offered by experienced cryptocurrency traders and adopt the ones that best fit their goals. Each trading model's current and past performance is available to all participants.

There are two ways to trade cryptocurrencies. You can buy the tokens and trade them on an exchange, or you can trade options or any other financial asset, depending on the price of the underlying cryptocurrency. IHOFX offers the possibility to trade leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others.


Bond Derivatives Market

The Bond Derivatives Market provides traders with the ability to perform on-screen or off-screen trading. IHOFX Clearing ranges and covers all Bond Derivative transactions, regardless of the process of execution. This reduces the possibility of a counterparty default. The IHOFX compliance team monitors Bond Derivative trades in real time to ensure that they are priced fairly and that they comply with the exchange’s regulations.

The IHOFX’s Bond Derivatives Market enables trading of the following Bond Derivatives:

  • Bond Futures
  • Bond Options
  • Bond Index Futures




  • Natural Gas
  • Gas Oil
  • Petroleum
  • Brent
  • Heating Oil
  • Crude Oil
  • Gasoline


Industrial Metals

  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Lead Nickel
  • Copper


Precious Metals

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Palladium



  • Grains
    • Wheat
    • Corn
    • Soybean
    • Soybean Oil
  • Softs
    • Cotton
    • Sugar
    • Cocoa
    • Coffee


Market Making

The market maker's responsibility is to assure traders that there will constantly be successful buyers and sellers of products listed by the exchange.

An accredited member that provides bid and offer quotations - that is, offers allowing to buy and sell contracts - is known as an IHOFX market maker.

Many overseas markets have designated market makers, who are known for reducing the spread between quoted prices for buying and selling products, as well as improving market diversity and liquidity.

IHOFX offers high-quality data, information, and resources to improve business decision making. We manage capital, risk, and markets, as well as the infrastructure that supports them. We aim to significantly contribute to the development of our investors’ wealth, as well as of the communities in which we work.


IHOFX ensures:

  • A registered market operator and derivatives market regulator, as well as a provider of securities and derivatives trading and data services, as well as a central securities depository.
  • Updated information, news and data related to the commodity sectors.
  • A provider of commodities trading services for market participants.
  • A market maker for all major commodities traded within the Asia Pacific Region.


Driving Global Growth and Commerce

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who seek for risk management or to benefit from commodity trading may use IHOFX services to conduct business.

Our exchange offers a broad set of global products in all major asset groups, including interest rate futures and options, equity indexes, foreign exchange, metals and agricultural commodities. IHOFX now provides a growing list of cleared OTC products as part of our commitment to providing innovative risk-management strategies to the marketplace.

Users all over the world can use our electronic trading platform to enter the most liquid financial derivatives markets available. In addition, IHOFX operates IHOFX Clearing, which is a central counterparty clearing provider. We preserve the stability of our markets by acting as the counterparty of any transaction that takes place in them.


Offering International Solutions for the Local Audience

Customers in the Asia Pacific Region can rely on IHOFX to meet their financial risk management needs. We provide an exclusive combination of leading global benchmarks and an increasing variety of regional items across all asset groups. We are growing our global capabilities by building strong markets and forming strategic alliances with interested parties.

Our multi-asset class team worked closely with the region's dynamic client base to meet their unique risk management and investment needs.


At IHOFX you will find:

  • A wide range of commodity, futures, options and cleared OTC products;
  • Trading around the world, around the clock, on a professional electronic trading platform;
  • Clearing of OTC contracts via a comprehensive set of flexible clearing services;
  • Comprehensive and authoritative market data solutions;
  • Each segment has its own account management team, which is backed up by product experts.