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Cryptocurrency Trading

Because cryptocurrency markets are decentralized, no single entity, such as a government, issues or supports them. Instead, they run across a computer network. Cryptocurrencies can, however, be purchased, sold, and held in "wallets" as well as on the exchange.

Unlike conventional currencies, cryptocurrencies only exist as a decentralized blockchain-based shared record of ownership. Users send Bitcoin units to one another's digital wallets when they desire to exchange them. A procedure known as mining is used to verify the transaction and add it to the blockchain before it is deemed complete. Also, this is how new Bitcoin tokens are typically produced.

Cryptocurrency Futures and Options

Gain greater control over your cryptocurrency exposure with Bitcoin and Ether derivatives from IHOFX. Our Bitcoin futures enable you to manage risk and protect your investments with greater transparency and liquidity. Enjoy more flexibility in managing your exposure with one of the most trusted and diverse marketplaces. Take advantage of our secure and reliable platform to efficiently hedge against potential price volatility.


Cryptocurrency Benchmarks

To instill confidence in cryptocurrency trading, the reference rate and real-time index for each cryptocurrency are standardized, founded on a sound methodology, and overseen by industry professionals.


The Potential of Cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin futures and options, Micro Bitcoin futures, and Ether futures, you may increase your options for controlling your exposure to cryptocurrencies. Profit from better price discovery in a transparent futures market to trade cryptocurrencies with more capital efficiency. IHOFX's spot price indices and standardized reference rates provide you with improved pricing information.

  • Bitcoin Futures - productively control risk with more effective price discovery and cut costs with potential margin offsets.
  • Micro Bitcoin Futures - which are available in units of 1/10 of a Bitcoin, offer a quick and affordable option to adjust your exposure to Bitcoin and improve your trading methods.
  • Ether Futures - can offer a position, manage exposure, or improve capital efficiency.
  • Micro Ether futures - which are sized at 1/10 of an ether, offer a precise, effective solution to control exposure to one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.


Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency volatility

While still relatively under development, the cryptocurrency market has seen a lot of volatility due to the significant short-term speculative interest. One of the interesting aspects of the cryptocurrency industry is its volatility. Fast intraday price changes can offer traders a variety of opportunities to go long or short. As a result, while investigating the cryptocurrency market, it is essential to conduct thorough research and create a risk management plan.


Due to the lack of centralized market administration, the cryptocurrency market is typically open for trading every day of the week.

Improved liquidity

A Cryptocurrency's liquidity is determined by how quickly and easily it can be exchanged for cash without affecting its market value. Because it results in better pricing, quicker transaction times, and more technical analysis accuracy, liquidity is significant.

Because transactions are spread over numerous exchanges, the Cryptocurrency market is generally regarded as being illiquid because even relatively minor trades can have a significant impact on market values. This contributes to the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency markets.

Going long or short

When you purchase a Cryptocurrency, you do it in anticipation that its value would rise. The upside of trading on Cryptocurrency prices is that you can profit from both rising and falling markets. 

Leveraged exposure

Trading on margin gives you the chance to generate large profits from a small initial investment since the profit or loss you make from your Cryptocurrency trades will represent the entire value of the position at the time it is closed. Also, it is crucial to make sure that you have a good risk management strategy in place, one that includes the proper stops and limits.