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Here at IHOFX, we prioritize our employees as they are the most valuable asset, and we work hard to develop a business culture that can attract the best professionals. We focus on providing our people with compelling reasons to be part of our team and improve their skills.

Our people's ambition and talent are vital to our growth. We share a collection of ideals that are based on collaboration, honesty, creative flair, and operational proficiency.

The overarching aim of the strategy devised by IHOFX is to formulate and implement a comprehensive development programme, which will result in increasing its role in Korean commodity markets.

  • A multilateral trading facility for individual investors
  • A private placement platform for enterprises

Having a highly developed commodity exchange is a precondition for any competitive, innovative economy. A well-functioning commodity exchange encourages investment in futures and options.

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Collective Ambition

People join us because they appreciate our client-centric, inclusive community. One of our major goals is to help our clients achieve their financial objectives through investment decisions that ensure business performance. Whoever shares our ambition to grow by ensuring our clients’ success, will have the chance to move forward on the path of reaching the best results.


Diversity and Inclusion

IHOFX employs people from all over the world and recognizes that each individual is special. We value and respect individual distinctions as well as the nature of the cultures in which we work. We foster a culture characterized by shared understanding, confidence and empathy, and we provide multiple development opportunities to each and everyone, regardless of the cultural and educational background. We appreciate rational thinking, diversification of opinions and perspectives and we inspire our workers to embrace healthy cooperation and work together to achieve a shared purpose.


Rewards and Benefits

We have a flexible rewards package and performance-based incentives to recruit, retrain and inspire the best employees. Our rewards are based on each employee's position and expertise, as well as local customs, external benchmarks, and the need to stay competitive.

We also have a range of social opportunities for our personnel in order to encourage personal and professional improvement. These services vary depending on local market factors, but can include non-contributory pension participation, as well as medical and life insurance.


Education and Development

We understand that our people are our most valuable asset, and offering the opportunity to grow and learn is highly important. That is why, whether through in-house training or external programs, we contribute to our employees' development within different areas.

IHOFX acknowledges the importance of individual and professional development, as well as the need for individuals to acquire appropriate certification to improve and obtain higher positions, thus necessary conditions are being created.

Our dedicated team has the primary responsibility to help our employees gain success. As a member of one of our business teams, you will be assisted at the best in order to progress in your activities and will obtain the expertise you need to take on more responsibilities.



We also provide a variety of social opportunities to allow employees to get to know their coworkers better. The events vary but they all include a chance to unwind and get to know teammates both within and outside of the workplace.