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About Us

IHOFX is an exchange that has taken full advantage of innovative technologies and resources in order to ensure a maker-taker trading model.

The major goals of the Incheon Options and Futures Exchange (IHOFX) is to provide:

  • A trading platform that complies with the demands of the market participants
  • Reasonably priced services based on a low-cost operating system
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Cutting-edge technology

IHOFX's mission is to become a global commodity trading marketplace, a venue where traders from across the globe will explore investment and growth potential, and an exchange where both individual and institutional investors will be willing to participate.

IHOFX considers that it offers an exclusive chance to capitalize on the exponentially increasing business opportunities coming from a large trading community.


IHOFX provides high quality information, data and tools to support business decision making. We build and operate capital, risk and commodity markets and the infrastructure required to support them.

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Market Making

Facilitating the trade exchange of individuals, companies and institutions that need to manage risk or that want to profit from trading the commodities markets.

Driving Global Growth and Commerce

The purpose of the market maker is to give the market confidence that, for the majority of the time, there will be an active buyer and seller of shares in IHOFX trades.

Making Global Solutions Locally Pertinent

IHOFX is committed to serving the financial risk management needs of customers throughout Asia Pacific Region.

Market Making

Individuals, businesses, and organizations who seek for risk management or to benefit from commodity trading may use IHOFX services to conduct business.


Enhancing Global Trade and Development

The market maker's responsibility is to assure traders that there will constantly be successful buyers and sellers of products listed by the exchange.


Offering International Solutions for the Local Audience

Customers in the Asia Pacific Region can rely on IHOFX’s service in order to meet their financial needs and expectations.


Trading Platform

IHOFX's trading platform was built specifically to meet the particular functional and quality requirements within derivatives trading. IHOFX recognizes that offering a trading platform with adequate security, reliability, and capacity is critical to the trading community's success.

The IHOFX platform provides:

  • Strong efficiency and progressive optimization tailored to the specific requirements of trading a variety of asset classes and business models;
  • Customer interfaces:
    • Orders are processed through the exchange’s established trading platform.
    • Low latency and sequential frameworks as well as market data are ensured due to first-class connection structure.
  • Direct access to a Match Engine;
  • Top market and liquidity data dependent on dynamic data transmission;
  • Order drops and trade clearing;
  • Continuous automated monitoring to ensure high reliability;
  • System security and advanced management;
  • A programming model that enables rapid optimization, adaptability, and error exclusion;
  • Latency equalized cross-connect availability ensuring appropriate and cost-efficient connectivity to the IHOFX infrastructure.


IHOFX Location

Incheon, South Korea, is home to IHOFX's executive headquarters, technology development and operations center. Additional offices including training, meeting and conference centers are part of IHOFX where sales, membership, marketing and listings operations are performed.


IHOFX Equity Rights Program

IHOFX developed the Equity Rights Program allowing IHOFX members to connect with an options exchange community known for being one of the most innovative and reliable derivatives trading platforms. The Equity Rights Program enables IHOFX to maintain competitiveness and offer strong opportunities within the industry.


Exchange Functionality

The IHOFX User's Manual acts as a guide to the Exchange and includes responses to many of the most often asked questions. Membership, framework, current data feeds and updates, trade management, payment procedures, trading security, Exchange hours, and other topics are included in the User's Manual.


Overview of IHOFX Risk Management Measures

Due to IHOFX’s Risk Management Measures, participants have access to highly developed mechanisms for lowering risk in the options market. IHOFX allows its users to set risk criteria that are tailored to their individual risk perception.


IHOFX Risk Protection Pane

The IHOFX Risk Protection Pane enhances Members' mutual ability to detect, evaluate, and supervise organizational risk in relation to their risk parameters.


IHOFX Price Efficiency Mechanism

IHOFX ensures a completely automated price improvement system to all members, allowing market orders to benefit from higher execution prices.



Via the IHOFX Express Network Interconnect, IHOFX delivers low latency network access to a wide range of trading platforms, market data delivery networks, financial services, and research facilities. The IHOFX Express Network Interconnect is a network infrastructure consisting of Low Latency and Ultra Low Latency connection technologies that provide universal and equitable connectivity to all IHOFX resources within the data center via a range of high-speed network interfaces.

IHOFX's core values, which are firmly embedded in ultimate preference and unconditional equalized access, are complemented by diverse networking choices and locations that allow individuals to tailor solutions to their particular business needs and recovery criteria. In order to ensure connectivity, IHOFX High Performance Data Centers offer high flexibility and consistency in terms of connection methods, telecommunication networks, and extranet service providers. It provides primary and secondary connections for member network or direct-attached host-based networks, all of which can be customized to meet specific needs.


IHOFX Foundation

The Foundation aims to finance major projects and make contributions in the areas where it operates. It encourages employee community engagement and offers corporate support that is aligned with the company's brand values. The Foundation works on programs that assist traders in realizing their full potential. Since we believe that everyone, regardless of the circumstances, has the opportunity to reach their full potential, the Foundation focuses on helping market participants improve their business skills.